We help to build stronger communities

Our Approach to CSR

It is our firm belief that we can only truly prosper if the communities around us are prospering and meeting their development aspirations.

We work closely with representatives of our host communities to ensure we gain a better understanding of their development goals and needs. We then seek to make a positive impact in helping them achieve these goals. Our CSR focus revolves around improving access to sustainable energy, education, good health, and building entrepreneurial capacity for the community.

Currently Tatanga Energy is undertaking the development of a 5MW solar PV project in partnership with the ‘for profit’ arm of the Midlands Anglican Diocese. This project will benefit the Diocese’s charitable and community activities including an 800-bed boarding school and a 62-bed hospital and will help to increase the sustainability of their work by providing much needed energy to their planned agriculture initiatives and the rural growth points that surround the mission.

Tatanga Energy is also looking into starting a sustainable afforestation program, aiming  to help schools plant upto 5000 trees by 2025. Additionally, Tatanga Energy is working with the Diocese to seek alternative energy solutions for its various parishes, households and installations. These activities include the design and construction of a bio-digester to reduce the Diocese’s energy consumption related to heating and cooking.

Tatanga Energy and the Diocese are also exploring rural off-grid electrification strategies and technologies that may be implemented ahead of the commissioning of the solar PV project.