Tatanga Energy has partnered with the Anglican Diocese of Central Zimbabwe to develop a 5 MW solar power plant at a site near Gweru, in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. The project will be developed through a special purpose vehicle called Teges Solar (Pvt) Ltd. The Diocese operates several high impact projects in close proximity to the proposed site including an 800 student boys and girls boarding school and a school farm. The area however, is plagued by persistent power outages. The power cuts have restricted the Diocese’s activities and have delayed the commissioning of a 62- bed hospital which the Diocese has built and is nearing completion.

The activities of the Diocese have a significant impact on people residing in the surrounding areas with a focus on education, health and agriculture. Improving the reliability and access to electricity would provide substantial benefits to the community and further improve the Diocese’s impact on the community.

Working together with the Diocese and Dandemutande ( a subsidiary of Masawara), Tatanga is planning additional electrification and connectivity projects including providing internet access for the school and a biomass project

SPT2 history

A grid assessment will be performed to determine the optimal evacuation requirements.

Solar irradiation at the site is good and the project is working towards securing a power generation license from Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA). The project is expected to have a minor environmental footprint and a full ESIA will be commissioned as the project develops.

It is envisaged that the plant will be developed through a combination of debt, equity and grants. As the business has a significant social impact, the project will also approach social impact investors.

The power generated by the project will be channeled towards the school, hospital, school farm and other projects which the Diocese is running in close proximity to the school. Excess power will be sold into the national grid through a long-term power purchase agreement with ZETDC.